Top Rock Means Business

Top Rock is for you if...

Jumpstart Your Career

You want to get a great job.

The job market is more competitive than ever. Develop skills that provide massive value to employers and stand out from the crowd.
  • Get exposure to 20+ skills. Specialize in the few you like best.
  • Build the habits that accelerate your personal development.
  • Go beyond the resume by showcasing your work in a professional portfolio.
Be an Entrepreneur

You want to start a business.

Owning a business is one of the best paths to wealth. We'll give you a head start.
  • Learn the fundamentals
    Crawl before you walk. Understand business models, growth channels, and reporting before finding your product and niche.
  • Test your ideas quickly
    Execute low-cost (or no-cost) strategies to test the market and find an opportunity.
  • Build for the long-term
    Gain traction, recruit help, and scale your business.
  • Plan your exit
    Know when it's time to sell. Understand valuations, how to find buyers, and negotiation tactics.
Take It to the Next Level

You want to grow your existing business.

Top Rock is perfect if you already own a business. Learn and apply new strategies and tactics without wasting time on theories or ideas you can't put into practice.
  • Optimize your time and work capacity in personal development courses.
  • Get fresh perspective on your existing systems and growth channels in business fundamentals courses.
  • Build new skills yourself or learn how to manage contractors and employees in the skills courses.
Learn the Smart Way

You want to learn about business.

Top Rock is the fastest and most affordable way to decide if you're interested in business.

You'll graduate with a Bachelor's in Business Administration degree. It's the most popular degree in America and offers a wide range of career paths.
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Top Rock is not for everyone.

There are a few reasons why we might not be a good fit for you. Review this section carefully before you consider applying.

You have different career goals.

Top Rock is not the place to start a business career in finance, accounting, economics, or other fields that require advanced credentials.

Our bachelors degree program is built to help you start a career in sales, marketing, operations, and entrepreneurship.

You want to work for certain employers.

Some employers, like the government or academic institutions, require an accredited or post-graduate degree. A degree from Top Rock is unlikely to help you work for those employers.

Keep in mind that many modern companies, such as Apple, Google, and many startups don't require degrees from accredited institutions or degrees at all.

You want to transfer schools or go to graduate school.

Most credits earned at nationally-accredited universities or unaccredited universities like Top Rock University will not be accepted by regionally-accredited universities.

Note:  In the United States, many licensing authorities require accredited degrees as the basis for eligibility for licensing.  In some cases, accredited colleges may not accept for transfer courses and degrees completed at unaccredited colleges, and some employers may require an accredited degree as a basis for eligibility for employment.

What We Look For

Top Rock is a self-paced, outcome-focused program. Below are some of the qualities we look for in students.
  • Ambitious

    Opportunity is everywhere for those looking for it. We want to help people who won't settle for a mediocre job or a mediocre life.
  • Self-Motivated

    Top Rock is self-paced so you must be able to complete work independently. We'll help you improve your time-management skills and build productivity systems, but it's up to you to execute.
  • Growth Mindset

    Belief in yourself can overcome almost any limitation. Without it, it doesn't matter how much talent you have. If you're accepted into Top Rock, it's because we believe in you. Let's do big things.

Ready to invest in yourself?

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