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Commit to 40+ hours per week and graduate in 6 months.
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Bachelor of Science in Business Administration

Hours per Week
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Graduate in 6 Months

How It Works

The Hyper Track is much different than the Flex Track program. The content and degree is the same, but there are significant differences in how it works.

  • Fixed Schedule Upfront
    You'll have a set schedule from your start date. You're expected to study at least 40 hours per week for the duration of the six-month program.
  • Regular Check-ins
    You'll have bi-monthly meetings with a coach to ensure you're staying on track. This builds accountability and encourages feedback and consistent growth.
  • Higher Expectations
    Hyper Track is a rigorous program and not the best fit for most students. The schedule is fixed, progress and results are expected weekly, and there is no room for delays. Students who fall off track switch to the Flex Track to finish their studies.
"I've always felt school was slowing me down. Even after I learned the material, I'd have to wait for other students. That's not the case at Top Rock."
Adam M.
Hyper Track Pilot Student
More Support, More Expectations

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The public Hyper Track program is currently closed. If you think the extra support, expectations, and set timeframe are a better option than the Flex Track, join the waitlist today.
6 Month Program
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100% Tuition-Back Guarantee
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Frequently Asked Questions

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